Due to snow, the Reedy Point Players have postponed the second night of auditions until Monday, January 8 at 7 PM inside the Delaware City Library. 

Performances will be on February 16 and 17, 2018. These are all original plays. There will be several directors on hand. Please prepare to do cold readings for the audition. Ages 18 + are needed. We hope to see you there!


1. Reedy Point Players are a non-equity, community theater. There is no pay or any additional type of compensation. Everyone (onstage or behind the scenes) are all volunteers.

2. Everyone is welcome to audition! We strongly encourage all genders and ethnicities.  Please keep in mind that each show is casted differently. Some shows may cast specific ages, genders, and ethnicities (depending on what the script requires). Please be sure to take a look at what the director is looking for, prior to attending auditions. 

3. Auditions are done on a first come, first serve basis. No appointments. You may be asked to stick around if the director wants you to read with other actors. However, the director may not ask you to stay. That does not mean you did not get casted or did not do a great job. If you have to leave at a certain time, we recommend that you arrive early and/or contact the director.

4. Auditions are held in Delaware City, DE. They may be held inside the Delaware City Library or inside the Delaware City Community Center (same building, different entrances). Address is 250 Fifth Street, Delaware City, DE 19706. Please, check the audition information for where you will need to report for auditions.

5. Please bring a list of conflicts with you, so that you can write them down on the audition form that will be provided. You may also print out your conflicts and staple the page to the audition form. This helps gives the creative team an idea of how to organize the rehearsal schedule. Tech week (the week of the performance) is absolutely mandatory for EVERY actor and crew member. Tech week is when the entire company rehearses every night leading up to the show. Parents, please understand that this means your child is required to be at Tech – regardless if it is a school night or not. We try our best to have the kids get out at a decent hour, but we can not guarantee. Depending on the progress of the show, we may have a dark night during Tech Week. A dark night is when actors are given the night off to rest. During this time, the crew and remaining volunteers work on last minute needs of the show prior to opening. A dark night is at the discretion of the creative team.

6. Headshots and resume’s are encouraged, but not required. If do not have one, don’t be discouraged, come out and audition anyway!

7. Callbacks may or may not be required. It depends on what the director is looking for, and if they are satisfied with the initial rounds of auditions.

8. After auditions are completed, please do not contact Reedy Point Players or anyone affiliated with the creative team about casting announcements. Please do not contact them on social media either. We truly understand that waiting to hear news can be a very long, anxious, excruciating process. You will be notified by the creative team (either by phone or by e-mail) regarding whether or not you have been casted. Cast list will also be posted on FB and/or our website. Please keep in mind that not all shows can cast everyone (there are only so many parts to assign). If you do not get casted, we encourage you to keep coming back to audition for other productions.

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