Titanic: Tragedy & Trial

Honoring the 105th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the Reedy Point Players are very pleased to perform Titanic: Tradedy & Trial, written by Pat Cook, performed with special permission by Eldridge Plays & Musicals. This production will be directed by Gail Wagner.

A powerful play in two acts…
In Act One, “Voices From the Titanic,” the stage comes alive with the passengers and crew who address the audience directly. We see the magnificent, “almost unsinkable” ship through the eyes of both the first class and third class passengers. When the ship’s lookout, Frederick Fleet, spots the iceberg, all the officers are called upon to carry out the most dreaded command Capt. Smith ever had to issue: “Get the lifeboats ready!”…
In Act Two, “Echoes From the Titanic,” the survivors talk about the disaster in their own words in this adaptation of the 1912 Senate hearings….

In addition to the performances, a display of Titanic artifact reproductions will be presented. 

$5 (Child – ages 10 and under)
$10 (Senior, Active Military, Student)
$12 (Adult)

PATRICK REUGSEGGER as Captain Edward Smith
KEVIN AUSTRA as 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller
JACOB HUNTER as 1st Officer William Murdoch
DAVID CLANEY as Chief Officer Henry Wilde
MAX O’NEILL as 4th Officer Joseph Boxhall
DAN DAVIS as 5th Officer Howard Lowe
GRANT KELLY as 3rd Officer Herbet Pitman
FRAN LAZARTIC as Frederick Fleet / Mr. Lucien Smith
DANIEL JONES as Reginald Lee
STACY SWED as Professor/Narrator
ZACH DEAKYNE as Newsboy 1 (UK) / Child Passenger
LOGAN JONES as Newsbody 2 (USA) / Child Passenger
MARIANNA EASTBURN as Daughter / Child Passenger / Stewardess
ANIELA MEINHALDT as Maggie “Molly” Brown / Emily Ryerson
KATE JERZACK as Madeline Astor / Helen Bishop
NICOLE PEIRCE as Maria Panula
GIA VAVALA as Anna Turja
KEVIN MEINHALDT as Reverend John Harper
RAY KENNEDY as Col. Archibald Grace
MARY ANN STRAHORN as Ida Straus / Mrs. J. Stuart White
ERIN MILLER as Ellen Bird / Daisy Minahan
COLETTE NOVINSKI as Amy Stanley / Mrs. Lucien Smith
MARY ZOBER as Lady / Mahala Douglas
EVA NOVINSKY as Child Passenger
EMILY EASTBURN as Child Passenger 
MATTHEW LOVLIE as Thomas Andrews / Senator 
JOHN MARTIN as Rev. Ernest Carter / Senator 2
KEVIN FRANCIS as Captain Rostron
DEBBIE MARTIN as Lillian Carter
BRANDON POMILIO as Jack Phillips
SHAMMA CASSON as Charlotte Collyer / Alma Paulsson